Each ATS Certification Course Comes Complete With:
Anatomy Coloring Book
Anatomy is essential to be able to assess and understand corrective modalities. This 53 page coloring book brings the fun back to learning! This is perfect for those that are brushing up, or learning for the first time.
ATS Manual
The ATS manual is the perfect resource to help you study and digest everything in the course. All the assessments, corrective modalities and exercises have pictures and descriptions in the manual to help you remember everything covered in the course.
Private Membership Site Access
Retaining days of information is VERY overwhelming. That’s why every component covered in the course can also be found in video format in our private site. This FREE site comes with your membership and allows you to access all the videos at any time.
LIVE Course
It’s one thing to teach content, it’s another to provide it with fun, witty and entertaining delivery and that’s what you will get with ATS!
Lecture Based & Hands On Demos
Your days will NOT be filled with slide after slide of boring notes. The course is both lecture based and hands on. In fact, only the first few hours on day one is lecture based and the remainder of the course is hands on to assist you and help you learn more effectively.
4 CEC's 
Continuing education is important! ATS provides you with 4 CECs with CanFit Pro.
Take An Inside Look
What is the A.T.S. Certification?
The ​A.T.S. ​certification ​was ​created ​to ​provide ​personal ​trainers ​with ​the ​tools ​and ​resources ​to ​effectively ​assess ​their ​clients, ​learn ​how ​to ​correct ​movement ​issues ​and ​be ​able ​to ​customize ​and ​individualize ​their ​client's ​programs ​based ​on ​their ​assessment.
This ​certification ​program ​will ​give ​you ​the ​understanding ​and ​knowledge ​on ​how ​to ​properly ​blueprint ​your ​client, ​design ​custom ​mobility ​protocols, ​and ​develop ​a ​training ​program ​that ​is ​tailor ​made ​for ​your ​client.
4 Movement Screens
6 Range of Motion Assessments
3 Performance Tests

53 corrective modalities for the ankle, lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, quad and hamstrings
4 Movement Screens
5 Range of Motion Assessments
3 Performance Tests

50 corrective modalities for the thoracic, upper back, pec, lats and shoulder complex

Adrian is extremely passionate about health, fitness and continuing education. Prior to becoming a fitness educator, Adrian has held various roles as a trainer / educator, whether it be through the fitness industry as a personal trainer, hospitality industry as a training-supervisor, or through the military as a chief instructor running various courses.

Adrian has taken various educational programs relating to the field of health; fitness from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, and Canadian Fitness Professionals. Similarly, a few of his professional
designations include being a certified health coach, corrective exercise specialist, orthopaedic exercise specialist, movement-neurology practitioner, and sports; exercise nutrition practitioner. 

Adrian is a Canadian masters diving athlete competing at international levels.

Furthermore he is the owner of Adrian Fitness Consulting where his company provides services in corrective exercise, orthopaedic exercises, health and nutrition coaching.  

He is excited to help bring the Advanced Training Systems courses to the downtown Toronto area.

ATS Level One: Lower Body
DATE: December 8 & 9
How Does ATS Work?
Anatomy and Assessments
Understanding anatomy is vital in order to assess properly which is why we cover a lot of it! Assessing should be the corner stone of any program design. A program should be based on one’s capabilities NOT just their goals. Programs should NOT be based on verbal dialogue or pictures alone.
Blueprinting Your Clients
Once an effective assessment is performed, a client blueprint is created. This blueprint, acts as the foundation for the corrective modalities and the exercises that will be provided in phase one of the training program.
Corrective Modalities
In the correctve modalites we cover static and active self myofascial release techniques, static and active stretching, joint distraction techniques and activation techniques
Step one is releasing the muscle tissue.  This is done both with static and active release methods.  
Static release will be held until the muscle’s trigger point has toned down.
In active release, you are going to bind down adhesive points within the connective tissue and pull the muscle through that to regain range of motion. 
You can also outsource and use various treatments like A.R.T., acupuncture etc.
In step two you will include various stretching techniques and mobilization techniques to increase the range of motion. We will use static stretching, active stretching and various joint distraction techniques
This method helps ‘boost’ muscles that have been tight, inhibited, or ‘casted’. Much like a dead battery needing a boost from another car, agonist/antagonist activation is like giving your muscles a boost!
Muscles that have been inhibited need to be retrained and integrated back into training.  This is a key component in the corrective training approach and is often overlooked.

2017 International Trainer of the Year
Nominated for the Personal Training Hall of Fame
Founder of the Elite Performance Center www.eliteperformancecenter.ca 
Owner of A.T.S. Arko Training Systems
Co-owner of PT Profits www.ptprofits.ca
Former Nutritionist and Mobility Specialist for Boxing Ontario
Host of the TV Show Body Fuel
Host of the TV Show Training with Pros
Contributing Author for Strong Magazine and Inside Fitness

Joe has been in the Strength and Conditioning field since 1999. As a young kid starting out putting away weights at a club called Absolute Fitness in Meadowvale, Joe always had a dream of becoming a leader in the industry and being a top coach with a top facility.  
Joe has paid in his dues, worked in the trenches and over the past decade and a half has created a surging name for himself. Joe has been awarded one of the Top Ten Trainers in Canada along with being nominated as the International Trainer of the Year. Joe is the founder of the Elite Performance Center. At 8000 sq. ft., EPC houses a full sports rehab clinic (chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy), boot camps, personal training, body transformation programs, and sports performance. The Elite Performance Center has been featured in magazines around the world such as Inside Fitness, Strong Magazine, Muscle Insider, and Bodybuilding.com.  

Along with hosting two TV shows (Body Fuel and Training with Pros), being a published writer in major magazines, presenting all over the World, Joe has been successful in training a variety of athletes from the NHL, UFC, CFL, fitness/bodybuilding competitors and everyday people wishing to achieve a balance of health, fitness and overall well-being.

Joe had the great pleasure of being flown to Germany to be awarded the 2017 International Trainer of the Year.  He was also nominated for the Personal Training Hall of Fame. 
ATS Level One: Lower Body
DATE: December 8 & 9
Meet Some Of Our Certified Trainers
With the growing issues facing many people today due to overall repetitive movement from daily activities, work and play, it's extremely important that coaches and trainers are able to identify these issues, and know how to address them in order to provide clients with the best possible solution. This is what I truly LOVED about the ATS Course.

Informative, detailed, well thought out, organized in an easy to follow 1,2 ,3 well structured program combining theory with hands on experience so that each and every trainer and coach can easily learn how to run proper assessments, blueprint clients, offer corrective modalities including dynamic movement and proper exercise execution. As a professional educator myself I highly recommend that each and every trainer and coach take this course, it's a MUST! 
Not enough programs out there assist in helping trainers and coaches like the Advanced Training Systems does due to it's overall combined content. Many programs offer you bits and pieces but ATS is complete. 

Coach Kennedy
Co Founder and Director of LIVE education for CFEA
An incredible course that any trainer or person who takes their health and training carreer seriously would do well to take. Its one thing to be able to do a good assessment of a client - its something completely different to be able to BLUEPRINT your client and use that information to correct poor biomechanics, faulty movement patters and add years of painfree movement back to someones life. 
To say I'm extremely happy with the wealth of knowledge and training tools I learned in a mere few days from the ATS course would be a massive understatement.
Thank you, for not only putting together an incredibly comprehensive course, but also for making it tons of fun!!
I'm proud to say that I am now ATS CERTIFIED!!

- Matt Daciw: Owner of the Wreckroom and Titan Training
Understanding and delivery of the elements involved in assessing, correcting and blueprinting custom training plans is extraordinary. As a somewhat “newbie” to the fitness industry, I am confident that the ATS Certification course is going to help me differentiate my programs from the others. If I can use even a third of what was covered, I will already have made a significant difference for my clients. Thank you for sharing your knowledge – I look forward to your next course!

- Suzanne Lee
What an amazing few days it has been. I had the pleasure of completing the ATS course. This has been a real game changer for blueprinting clients, assessing range of motion and movement screens, learning anatomy, understanding movement patterns better and proper exercise execution....I could go on. Point is, this has been great way to get back to training clients. I will be continuing to learn the ATS methods to keep advancing my knowledge to provide the best service to clients possible.

- Tyler Kerr: Certified Personal Trainer

“The ATS course was a phenomenal experience and taught me how to properly assess clients properly, develop much better customized programs, and to build a stronger business plan for success.”

- Chad D’Oliveira: Certified Personal Trainer, Athletic Performance Coach
Kennedy Lodato
Kim Irvine
Brandon Lee
Charlotte Barker
Atif Khedri 
Donna Vyn
Troy Crossman
Pete Agostini
Katelynn Nicholas
Mikayla Bryan
Niel Bishop
Chris Carmichael
Carlos Puckerin
Yusuf Saleemi
Maria Elizabeth Ann
Katie Rita
ATS Level One: Lower Body
DATE: December 8 & 9
Q: Do I need to be a personal trainer?
A: No, in fact we encourage athletes and training enthusiasts alike to take this course. This course is fantastic for anyone who wants to learn how to move their body better and train more effectively.

Q: What if I’m not very strong in anatomy?
A:  Although it helps, you don't need to be. You will receive and anatomy coloring book that is VERY helpful to get you up to speed with your anatomy!

Q: Do I have to do ATS Level 1 before I do ATS Level 2

Q: How many CEC’s is the course worth?
A: The course is accredited with CanFitPro and worth 4 CEC’s.

Q: Can I host an ATS event at my facility or club?
A: We have literally travelled the globe from Australia, Europe and the United States. If you have more than 10 trainers that would like to register for the course, I would love to travel and teach it! Please contact me directly for more details adrianfconsulting@gmail.com.

Q: What if I have a question that is not answered on this page
A: Please contact the founder joe@joearko.com for any further information.

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